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Setting Up

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Welcome to the 123sheets setting up guide

Follow the instructions below to get the most out of using 123sheets.

Any problems please contact us at support.team@123sheets.co.uk.

Step 1
Get an Agent Services Account

To create your firm's Agent Services Account, Sign in using your old government gateway ID and password Click Here.

Government gateway website

As part of this sign up you will be required to:

  • Sign in using your current agent government gateway ID and password.
  • Enter the business type of your practice.
  • Enter the business UTR and postcode of your practice. Use the address HMRC have on your old agent government gateway.
  • You may be asked about who your money laundering supervisory body is. This could be: ICAEW, ACCA etc.
    • If you are asked the date this is valid to, it may be to 31 December for the ICAEW, or 12 months after you last paid your institute's annual fees.
    • If you are not a member of a professional body, your money laundering supervisory body is HMRC: set this up with them before proceeding.
  • Make a note of your new Agent Services Account (ASA) Government Gateway ID and the password You will need to insert these into our software.
  • The new Government ID is a 12-digit number. Also make a note of your "Account Number" which begins with four letters, but this is not entered into our system.

Once you have your new account you will be able to link your existing client relationships for both VAT and Income Tax to these new credentials. It will not remove the client authorisation from your old Government gateway account nor will it move your clients on to MTD.

The steps required are:

  • Sign in to your new Agents Service Account Click Here. Use your new gateway ID and password; select the link "link your current Self Assessment and VAT clients to this account".
  • Enter your User ID and Password (the old government gateway ID and password, not the new ASA ones).
  • Enter your new ARN received in the last step in the agents services account setup.
  • Enter your UTR or Corporation Tax Reference for your accountancy/tax practice.
  • Click Connect.

Once you have completed this, your new Agent Services Account has the same client authorisations as your old government gateway. Any new authorisations on the old government gateway are also automatically linked to your new ASA.

Step 3
Register clients for Making Tax Digital

Very Important Note: When registering for Making Tax Digital, you need to do so within a particular time "window" otherwise you can create problems for the client.

You need to ensure the Making Tax Digital registration:

  • It at least four days before the next VAT filing deadline (nine days if a direct debit needs to be processed)
  • Not before any direct debit has been taken out of the bank account for an old style non-Making Tax Digital VAT Return filing.

Each business will need to be registered separately for MTD. The business user can do this themselves, or you can do it for them using your new ASA Government gateway ID and password. Here are the links: for the Agent (you) to do it click here, or for the business owner to do it click here.

Please note that once the application for MTD has been made, you must wait (about 72 hours) to receive e-mail confirmation from HMRC that the client is registered for MTD. You cannot progress until the client is registered. If you do not receive this e-mail, repeat the MTD Registration. If HMRC have already received an MTD application for a client, HMRC won't let you proceed with the second registration, which in itself is useful as then you know it has been done.

Step 4
Authorise 123 Sheets software to provide VAT Services for clients

Firstly, ensure you have entered all your firm’s details into our software, including your new ASA Government gateway ID and password, you can do that in "Settings", then "Firm Details".

Now add a client into our software. Click on the top Menu "Clients" and then "Add Client". If you haven’t purchased the correct licence, you will be advised to pay for one.

Enter their business name and VAT Number. Now go to the client's page by clicking on the "Clients" Menu heading, then click on the client name that appears in blue.

A Message from HMRC will appear. Please click on the "Continue" button and follow the instructions. You will be asked to sign into your ASA Account, please use your new ASA Government Gateway credentials. Next, click on the "Grant Authority" button.

You will then be re-directed back to our website, and have now authorised us to provide VAT Services for all your clients. The client is now set up, and you can file Returns using our software. You should see any outstanding VAT Returns to be submitted. Please note you may only see VAT Returns to file if the VAT Return period end date is in the past.

You can now add additional clients: you do not need to authorise our software again for these.

Some agents are finding that they have to wait a further 24 hours after authorising 123 Sheets LTD, before they can view the client VAT Account information from HMRC using our software.