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Setting Up

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Welcome to the 123sheets setting up guide

Follow the instructions below to get the most out of using 123sheets.

Any problems please contact us at support.team@123sheets.co.uk.

Step 1
Sign Up for Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Very Important Note: When registering for Making Tax Digital, you need to do so within a particular time “window” otherwise you can create problems for yourself.

You need to ensure your Making Tax Digital registration:

  • is at least four days before the next VAT filing deadline (nine days if a direct debit needs to be processed), and
  • not before any direct debit has been taken out of the bank account for an old style non-Making Tax Digital VAT Return filing.

If asked for the UTR, and you trade through a company or partnership, insert the UTR of the company or partnership, not your personal UTR.

Your making tax digital registration is only complete if you have received an e-mail from HM Revenue & Customs letting you know the registration is complete. You should receive this e-mail about 3 days after making the application. If you do not get it, repeat the registration process.

Please go to the government MTD web page to sign up, click here to register for Making Tax Digital.

Please insert your VAT Number into our software, in the “Business Details" section of the Settings page: Business Details.

After you have received your confirmation e-mail from HMRC that your business is now registered for MTD, click on the "Home" (or "Businesses") menu page: a message will be shown by HM Revenue & Customs. Please click on the green “Continue” button. You will then be prompted to log into your HMRC Gateway account.

Next you will be asked to authorise 123 Sheets Ltd to provide VAT Services. Please click on the “Grant Authority” button, and you will be sent back to our website.

Now you can file your VAT Return, and see MTD data available for your VAT Account. This data all comes from HMRC, we do not store any specific VAT Return, liability or payment figures.

Important Note:

  • It is possible you may have to wait another 72 hours after receiving your HM Revenue & Customs e-mail to say you are registerd for MTD, before attempting to use our software.
  • It is possible you may also have to wait a further 24 hours after authorising 123 Sheets LTD, before you can view your VAT Account information from HMRC on our software.