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Setting Up

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Welcome to the 123 Sheets setting up guide

Please follow the instructions below to get the most out of using 123 sheets.

Any problems, please contact us at support.team@123sheets.co.uk.

Step 1
Add VAT As A Service To Your Government Gateway

If you have not yet filed a VAT Return on any software for your VAT-registered business, you need to first add VAT as a service to your government gateway account. To do that, log in to your business government gateway account from the HMRC website, then click on the link to "Add a Tax/Service", choosing VAT. Please make sure you are on the correct government gateway account. So for example, if you trade through a partnership, you should be using the government gateway of the partnership not one of the partners' own personal tax government gateway accounts. Equally, if it is a Limited company that is registered for VAT, ensure it is the government gateway of the company you are logged in to and not one of the directors' own income tax government gateway accounts.

Step 2
Completing Software Set Up

Please ensure you have completed the software set up by inserting your VAT Registration Number in the Settings, Business Details page. There, click on the white 'Edit' button, insert your VAT Number and click on 'Save Changes'.

Now purchase a licence further up the same page.

Click on the 'Home' (or 'Businesses') menu page: a message will be shown by HM Revenue & Customs. Please click on the green 'Continue' button. You will then be prompted to log into your HMRC Gateway account.

Next you will be asked to authorise 123 Sheets to provide VAT Services. Please click on the “Grant Authority” button, and you will be sent back to our website.

Now you can file your VAT Return, and see MTD data available for your VAT Account. This data all comes from HMRC, we do not store any specific VAT Return, liability or payment information.