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About 123Sheets


Thank you for registering with us, we hope you find our software easy to use. We are finding that 75% of users are able to get on and use our software without any help from us. If you fall into the 25% needing help, please don't hesitate to use our support options to solve your problem.

Our system has been built with accountants that understand the issues that can arise on filing VAT Returns, so you should find our software one of the simplest Bridging Software tools available on the market.

Licence Purchase Information

Licences require renewing annually.

Registering for Making Tax Digital

You cannot use our software if you have not registered for Making Tax Digital (MTD) first. To learn how to register for HMRC’s Making Tax Digital, please click on “Support”, then “Setting Up”. Registration is only successful if you received an e-mail from HMRC saying you are now registered for MTD. If you didn’t get that e-mail within 4 working days of applying, try again – but check your spam box first!

Using Our Software to Access Your HMRC VAT Account

You cannot use our software if you have not registered for Making Tax Digital (MTD) first, in which case see above for more information.

To access your HMRC VAT Account data, click on “Home” (or "Businesses"). This will only work if you are registered for Making Tax Digital and have entered your VAT Registration Number into “Settings”, then "My Business Details" on our system. There, click on “Edit” to put in your VAT Number.

Allowing Our Software to Access Your VAT Account

For first time access to your VAT Account (and again 18 months later) on our “Home” (or "Businesses") page, you will need to grant “Authority to Interact with HMRC” for our software to access your VAT Account. Please follow the on-screen instructions if you need to do that, but you must be registered for Making Tax Digital first.

When HMRC’s System is Down

We have noticed that from time to time the HMRC VAT server is down, or their service to access your VAT account is not working. This is nothing to do with us. This can be seen when you have already recently granted “Authority to Interact with HMRC” using our software, but you are being asked to do so again on the “Home” (or "Businesses") page and it will not let you see your VAT Account data.

HMRC fines for late filing of VAT Returns can be successfully challenged, if it was their service at fault, keep evidence of that should it happen.

If you click on a link on your VAT Account and you get an error code from HMRC of 500+ shown on the screen, this means HMRC's service is not working and you would need to try again later– you may want to take a “screen-shot” of that for your records. You can also get an error code of 500+ if you haven’t registered for MTD (see above on MTD Registration). If you get a lower error code (eg: 403), follow the instructions given to rectify the situation, or contact our support team.

We hope you find our software as easy to use as we do and wish you all the best for the years ahead.

Yours truly,
Peter Hamilton (Director, 123Sheets Ltd)